After graduating from University and six years of doing research in the field of 3D Networked Virtual Environments and games, I decided it was time to try and develop something on my own.
Because I was always interested in computer games (both playing and designing them), I started working on a game in cooperation with my brother and a close friend: Never-ending Defending.

Because working on this game and seeing results was so much fun, I decided to start a one-man company so I could start the transition from working for a company to working on my own.
Out of the Box Productions was born.

Because I am trying to self-fund my projects, I don't have the luxury to work solely on my own game projects yet. That's why I am open for contract work, where I can use my vast experience in developing large, modular, extensible frameworks and programming in general.


I guess my first experience with programming was in the early 90's (I was about ten years old then), when using Turbo Pascal and DOS commands to create multi-disk game installation menus and bootdisks to go along with them.
Since then, programming and automation has always interested me a lot. When I got a TI-82 graphical calculator when I was sixteen, I spent hours programming simple pong games using the simple BASIC-like programming language it provided. But I also programmed some utility applications for use in the math classes, that are still being used by students today.

I only learned programming more complex systems during my University years though. The world of object-oriented programming really opened my eyes and made me realize just how much is possible when writing carefully designed code. During the following years I built up experience in a variety of languages and projects: creating a 3D graphics and animation engine from scratch in C++, a multi-user collaborative word editor in java, a multiplayer game using OpenGL and bare sockets, ...

Soon it became clear that my passion lays in designing modular, extensible frameworks for interactive applications. I wrote my master's thesis about the current state of real-time animation techniques and implemented a software library where I tried to generalize all techniques as much as possible so different animation techniques could work together seamlessly: keyframe animation, rigid body simulation, cloth simulation, ... That was before the time that free animation and physics engines were available everywhere for free.

During my work as a researcher the following years, I kept going in the same direction: during work on several research projects I developed a software framework that could be reused throughout all projects, and that is still being used today. Soon everybody realized how powerful reusable code is, and that the extra investment of writing clean and general code is well worth it.


Since I started working for a research company in 2003, I was able to built up experience in a lot of programming languages. Although I do my best work in C++, I also did some projects in java.

I also had to write web pages and services during a lot of projects, so I have decent experience with HTML, javascript, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

More recently I also gained experience in Objective-C from the projects for the iPhone and iPad we develop at work, but more importantly from working on my own iPhone game.
The projects I am working on right now are all being developed using the Unity3D engine, which involves writing .NET code.

On all platforms, what I do best is designing frameworks that are modular, reusable and extensible throughout different projects.